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Epson Eco solvent DX5 Print Head
9005/9006-2 Time:2016-05-13 16:20

Brief introduction:
Model:Unlock Epson Eco solvent DX5 F186000 Printhead
Related Model:DX4, DX5(unlock or lock),DX6,DX7
Place of origin:Japan
New and Original
Min.order quantity1 piece
Supply Ability:10-50 piece/pieces per month

Description:The Epson DX5 (Epson fifth generation micro-piezo print head) has a native resolution of 1440dpi, 8 nozzle lines (corresponding with 8 independent ink channels) and 180 nozzles per line. The Epson DX5 is either used in 4-colour or 8-colour printers and has a minimum, variable droplet size of 1,5 pico litre (max. droplet size is 21 pico litre). Each head is 4-colour, 8-colour printing needs two heads. 

Application: It is a new generation print head that allows fast speed, high resolution printing with water-based dye and pigment inks.

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